Please take time to read what some of our patients are saying about Anderson Chiropractic and its team.  If you are a current patient and would like to share your succes story, please let one of our staff know the next time you are at our office.

“I Feel So Much Better”

I had experienced lower back pain for some time and hadn’t done anything about it.  My pain had gotten progressively worse the last couple of years.  I was uncomfortable most of the time.  Now my back pain is all but gone and I feel so much better!  I can work in the yard and do other things that I enjoy with minimal or no pain at all.

Myca R.

“Now I Am Convinced” 

I have been using Anderson Chiropractic for approximately 6 years.  I met Dr JC Anderson at a networking meeting and listened to his talk concerning lower back pain.  For years, I had experienced lower back pain, but I had never done anything to help my back.  In listening to Dr JC Anderson, I realized that I should make an appointment and see if they could possibly help me.  I was skeptical because I really didn’t know anything about Chiropractors, but I decided to go and find out if I had been missing out on something that could help me.  I was really impressed with the first appointment and with the time that they spent with me in listening to my concerns.  It took a few treatments for me to notice that the back pain was much less.  Now I am convinced that the monthly maintenance treatments are a real help for me.

I feel that the Doctors are very concerned about their patients problems and they do all that they can to help.

I would recommend these Doctors for every person who needs help with pain.
Patrick S.


“You Won’t Be Disappointed”

My name is Charlie and I have been a chiropractic patient off and on for many years.  I was the guy who would “throw my back out”, go to the chiropractor for the 6 week treatment plan, get better, and quit going.  The fact is, during those 6 weeks I would have 15-20 visits, be in a lot of pain, and lose a lot of valuable work time doing so.  It has only been in the last few years that I have been disciplined enough to start going every month for maintenance.  Guess what?  The visits are shorter, I am pain free more often in my life by going once a month, and I go a lot fewer times during the year.  And if I do have an issue, the recovery time is far less.

Like this September, I’m walking in the Avon Heritage Festival Parade when my right hip shifted out of place just by bending over to pick up a piece of candy (I have had 3 knee surgeries on my left knee which has resulted in issues with my right hip).  I called Anderson Chiropractic 10 minutes before they were ready to close.  I was on the adjustment table in 5 minutes and got outstanding treatment from Dr. Mohr despite the fact that he was staying late for me.  That night I was able to dance in the Dancing with the Celebrities competition at the Avon Heritage Festival.  Pain free? No, but without Dr. Mohr going out of his way to take care of me, I would not have been able to walk upright, let alone dance.

These docs are the best!  You won’t be disappointed.

Charlie D.

 “It Keeps My Entire Family Healthy”

Several years ago, I woke up and wasn’t able to move without pain.  I called Anderson Chiropractic and they were able to see me that day.  After several visits, my back was much better.  I have no doubt that chiropractic care has helped my lower back issues.  I no longer wake up in pain and I feel better.  My entire family goes once a month to keep us all feeling good and healthy.

Melissa B.